martedì 15 marzo 2011

Writing Task - REPORT

Title or:


Reason of writing (Introduction)

  • The aim/objective/purpose of this report is to compare/examine/evaluate/describe/outline (some suggestions)/analyse (some suggestions)/expose/present/give information on/regarding the/recommend/consider/suggest
  • This report aims to... etc.
  • Nouns: information (remember: not informations), ideas, suggestions, situations, conditions, comments
  • in order to improve/decide
  • In case of suvey/discussion: It is based on a survey conducted among/It is the result of a discussion which took place among

Body (2 paragraphs maximum)
  • Headings from the task
  • It should be considered, it is worth considering
  • The first observation to make is (concerns)
  • First of all/Firstly
  • Secondly/ Furthermore/Moreover
  • Lastly/Finally
  • In fact
  • According to (the majority of respondents)
  • However, although, alternatively
  • In spite of (the fact [that])/Despite (the fact [that]) + Noun, Pronoun or
  • Predicting the future: The outlook for ... is (far from [+ing]) bright/optimistic/depressing/daunting
  • The future looks bleak/remains uncertain/is promising
  • This seems unlikely in the near/foreseable future
  • It has been stressed that

Making/giving recommendations
  • I would strongly recommend that ... should + bare infinitive
  • In the light of the results of the survey I would advise against...
  • I feel it would be to our advantage if...
  • The best solution is/would be to...
  • This will have an impact on + noun

  • As long as/provided that these recommendations are taken into consideration
  • In conclusion...
  • The reseach shows/demonstrates
  • From the research/the evidence we conclude that

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